Over half of children who attend make decisions for Christ!!

Ministry Overview: The Greatest Journey

The joy and wonder on a child’s face when they open an Operation Christmas Child shoebox is a beautiful sight to behold. But what if we told you that the gift you give has the power to go far beyond just bringing a smile to a child’s face?

Every child who receives a shoebox is invited to take part in The Greatest Journey, a 12-lesson discipleship program where they learn more about the Gospel. And the impact of this program is truly remarkable. Last year, an astounding 55% of the children who attended made decisions for Christ!

For every $10 you donate, you’ll cover the costs of a child’s participation. How many children will you send on The Greatest Journey?

Beyond a Shoebox

The day a child receives their Operation Christmas Child shoebox is a very special occasion! On the day, children gather from all around their community to attend a presentation at the local church. Each child receives a shoebox plus a booklet (in their language) called The Greatest Gift and are presented the message of the Gospel. Afterward, the children celebrate together by opening their gift-filled shoeboxes.

Following this ceremony, children and families are invited by the local church to take part in The Greatest Journey, a 12-lesson discipleship program that children enrol in to learn more about the Gospel. Each lesson, children hear Bible stories and memorise important Bible verses. Upon completion, a graduation ceremony is held where they receive a certificate.

Most importantly, each child is invited to make a decision for Christ, to become faithful followers of Jesus in their daily lives as they share Him with family and friends.

To complete the Journey, each child is presented a Bible that includes the New Testament along with a glossary of Biblical terms and a map of Bible lands.

Teaching the Greatest Journey

Since 2009 millions of children have participated in The Greatest Journey, this would not have been possible without trained teachers. Each year, thousands of dedicated volunteers present The Greatest Journey to over 100 countries in their local communities. Each teacher receives coaching and resources (in their language) required to effectively take children through the 12-lesson discipleship program.

The Greatest Journey teachers

What The Greatest Journey has achieved as of 2022*

We praise God for the 29.9 million children who have graduated from The Greatest Journey since 2009. That’s nearly the entire population of Australia!

The Greatest Journey stats

How Can You Help?

Prayer is key to the work of Operation Christmas Child and The Greatest Journey:

– Pray for the shoeboxes that are packed and shipped to countries worldwide.

– Pray for the children who attend The Greatest Journey.

– Pray for the teachers.

– Pray for all the communities that will be impacted by the spread of the Gospel.

Your $10 Donation gives a child:

– 12 lessons of discipleship training.

– The Greatest Journey workbook.

– A beautifully illustrated children’s Bible.

– A graduation certificate.

– Training and resources for their teacher.

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