Project Leaders organise the packing of Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts for a church, school, or group. That includes you if you’re ordering materials, equipping people with resources, fundraising, sharing about the project, or engaging in any other related activities. You may already be a project leader and don’t know it!

If you are a Project Leader or would like to become one, we want to equip you with additional resources to help make shoebox packing fun and easy. We have outlined the steps below to help you get started, and if you have any questions please contact us.

Step 1: Register & Connect

Registration for 2022 is now closed. Registration will reopen in early 2023.

Step 2: Plan

Download the Project Leader Guide below to help you get started. We have included event packing ideas, key messages, and tips to help you organise and lead your group.


This guide has everything you need to organise Operation Christmas in your church, school or group.

Step 3: Order Resources

Confirm how many people will participate, and prayerfully set a goal for how many shoebox gifts you would like your group to pack to help when ordering resources. We have downloadable and printed resources available below to use when sharing Operation Christmas Child with your group.


View and download brochures, posters, photos, social media graphics and videos to help you promote Operation Christmas Child.


Order printed brochures, posters and magnets to help promote Operation Christmas Child.


Order your green and red pre-printed shoeboxes for your church, school or group.


This webpage coves all shoebox basics, including what to pack in a shoebox, how to make the $12.50 donation per shoeboxes, and how to get your labels.


A donation of $12.50 per shoebox is essential to cover project costs. The easiest way to give the donation is by ordering labels online, and you can ‘Follow Your Box’ to find out the destination of your shoebox gift.


Your group can bless a child with a tangible expression of God’s love with a gift-filled shoebox that you can order on your mobile device. Click below to get started.

Step 4: Host Event

Refer to the Project Leader Guide (Step 2) to guide you as you share the vision of Operation Christmas Child and collect shoeboxes at your event. Most importantly remember to pray for the children that will receive your shoebox gifts and for their family and community to be transformed by the Gospel.

Step 5: Shoebox Drop-Off

Shoeboxes need to be sent to your local Processing Centre for shipping. They can either be taken to a local drop-off location during National Collection: 17-31 October, or for large quantities please contact your local representative.

Get In Touch

If you have any questions about organising Operation Christmas Child in your church or group, please complete the form below and you will be contacted by a local representative.

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