Operation Christmas Child provides many opportunities to get your friends, family, church, school or groups together to make an eternal difference to the lives of children. Below are some fun ideas to help you lead the packing or fundraising of this project, and to share the hope of Jesus with more children all over the world.

  • Group Ideas

    • Organise a packing event with friends and/or family where they all bring items to pack a shoebox
    • Host a meal and ask friends/family to bring $35pp to Pack A Shoebox Online
    • Organise a shopping day with friends/family and gather items to pack shoeboxes
    • Organise a Fun Run
    • Organise a Ride for Operation Christmas Child
    • Office Christmas themed day
    • Office Christmas sweater competition
  • Church Ideas

    • Organise a Celebration Sunday during National Collection for shoeboxes to be dropped-off and prayed over
    • Encourage your Bible Study Group/s to pack shoeboxes and/or organise a packing event where everyone brings enough items to pack a shoebox together
    • Organise a Youth Group Packing Event where everyone brings enough items to pack a shoebox together or bring packed shoeboxes to pray over
    • Organise a Christmas Themed Sunday and set up a Christmas Tree, play Christmas Carols and pack shoeboxes or take up a special missions offertory
  • School Ideas

    • Decide if it will be a whole school, grade or class activity;
    • Organise a Fun Day wearing Christmas shirts for students to bring items to fill shoeboxes together, or bring packed shoeboxes that can be collected etc
    • Spring Fair with proceeds going to Operation Christmas Child
    • Bake sale
    • Mufti Day
    • Crazy Christmas hat/socks day

Next Steps?

Click the button below for resources to help you lead your church, school or group. If you have questions, other fundraising and packing ideas, or have photos of your event, we would love to hear from you! Complete the form and we will get back to you.

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